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Hulta klint and Singoallas grotta

The other day I visited two lovely scenic spots: Hulta Klint: a high cliff, and Singoallas grotta:  a cave. These can be found at Lädja just north of Berg. To get to Hulta klint there is a ca 500 m walk up a hill. From here the view is spectacular, on a clear day you should be able to spot seven church towers. Ca 350 meters from this height on the eastern slop is Singoallas cave. Singoalla is a fictional character in Viktor Rydbergs novel by the name Singoalla.

The view from Hulta klint

The view from Hulta Klint.

Viktor Rydberg (1828-1895) was one of Sweden’s most important authors in the 19th century. He was also a publicist, translator and poet. For a period of 20 years, he was one of the most notable cultural persons in Sweden.

Over Singoallas grotta

The view just above Singoallas cave.

natural stairs

The climb down is steep, luckily there are some natural stairs that are improved by iron bars.

the view from Singoallas cave

The view from Singoallas cave, below lies lake Klintsjön which in folklore is said to be bottenless. In reality it has been measured to a depth of 22 meters.

The story of Singoalla is set in the 14th century, the novel is a romatic tale about a knights son, Erland Månesköld, who falls in love with a gypsy chiefs daughther, Singoalla. The cave is the place for the ending of the novela. Many of Rydbergs novels are a bit out of date, in its style, and can therfore be a bit tough to read, though this is not the case concerning Singoalla.

Singoallas grotta

The cave is ca 10 meters long, 0,5-0,7 meters high and wide and has two openings, if you are brave enough you can crawl throught it. In the novel Singoalla lived here with her child for a few months.

It is said that Rydberg used this cave and the sourroundings as an insperation for the setting of the novella as he worked as a private teacher at Bergs manor in his youth, just a few miles away from this place.

This is a beautiful scenic spot with a touch of culture connected to it, it is a great way to get to see some dramatic landscape, steep slopes and magnificent scenaries. I felt a bit like walking in an enchanted forrest.

The way up

The way up to Hulta klint and Singoallas grotta goes through a beutiful Smalandic forrest, its not all spruce and pines.

The novel Singoalla is available (in Swedish) on-line at project Runeberg in a proofread text format and in a facsimile in 120 dpi grayscale. Rydberg published a lot of different things, on project Runeberg there is a list of his published work.

Not all that glimmers is archaeology!

This is my contribution to the Four Stone Hearth blog carnival number XX hosted by Afarensis: anthropology, evolution and science that opens on August 1st.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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