Bones of wild boar (Sus scrofa)

This weekend I took the time to prepare a shoulder of pork from a wild boar that we’ve been given by friend. Besides the meat it also contained the bones, an scapula, a Humerus, an Ulna and a Radius. As the Osteologist that I am I wanted the bones for my bone collection, so after preparing the meal I started on the bones. The meal was baked in the oven. To make the bones clean I boiled them twice to get rid of residues of meat, marrow and tendons. This is not the best way to do it, but I have found that it works farly well if the bones have been baked in the oven before hand, another metod is descirbed in the Bone room. This wild boar is quite young which you can see on the photos, as the bones have not fully ossified.

The Scapula

Scapula wild boar 

Scapula wild boar 2

The distal part of the Scapula, here one can see that the bone have not fully ossified.

Connected to the Scapula is the Humerus (the bone in the upper part of the arm).

The Humerus

Humerus wild boar

The Humerus and to the right the not yet ossified trochlea.

Humerus wild boar

Here you can see how the trochlea fits the Humerus distal part. The Humerus is in turn connected to the Ulna

Ulan wild boar

…and the Ulna is connected to the Radius.

radius Wild boar

The Radius is in three pieces. The distal part, the left, seems to be quite flat, this i s due to the butchering of this wild boar.

And so my bone reference collection has grown yet a bit bigger and the meat proved to be a tender and delicious meal.

Here you can see some pictures of Wild boar (Sus Scrofa) and here is some information about them.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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2 responses to “Bones of wild boar (Sus scrofa)

  • Heath Barnes

    Very interesting and informative,maybee you could help me with my local research in the north east of England.
    My blog is a record of mineralized bone finds, a lot worked. All the best Heath.

    • Magnus Reuterdahl

      Hi Heath,

      Glad you like it 🙂 If I can be of help I’ll do what I can – always nice to keep in contact with others who shears my intrest in bones :). I’ll check up you blog!


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