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Tools of the trade

In my current employment at Kronobergs County administrative board my main focuses is on access and describe the conditions on ancient monuments and archaeological sites. Some of these are easily found as they resides near roads or are marked by signs, most however aren’t quite as easy to find without some tools.Step one concern which monuments or sites to visit. To determine this I first have to do a prediction on which are interesting. In this case I use a program called ArcView where I can ad several data sheets on top of each other; for example a map, the placements of ancient monuments, rectified photos taken from the air (ortophoto) etc. I also use a data sheet complied by the Forestry board regarding where they access that the storm Gudrun made damages. By combining these data I get a somewhat of a prediction where I should seek monuments interesting in this case.


ArcView; a map in this case ca 1:10000 with a the sheet of ancient monuments and The Forestry boards accessment of damages (The pink fields).

ArcView + ortophoto

ArcView in part overlayered by an ortophoto, which in turn is overlayered by a data sheet holding the ancient monuments.

As I then go out in nature I use an Ipac with a similar program to ArcView called Arcpad connected to a GPS. In this Ipac I have a map and the location of all ancient monuments and archaeological sites in Kronobergs County.

Ipac with ArcPad

My Ipac with the program Arcpad running, underneath you can see that I also go old style or back to basics. The printed map is necessary for planing the route.

Sometimes I also bring a metal detector, normally when a grave field has been damaged, for example by a storm where trees have been up rooted. With the metal detector I am able to detect if any metal objects are among the roots.

Metal detector

As you can see in the background it has also happened on occation that i have neede spades and other more back to basic tools. 

Come Monday its time once again to hit the Smalandic roads with my tools.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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