The Testimony in Spanish

As I checked my blog statistics for yesterday I came across a new one for me, Using this tool one can translate a webpage into another languish, in this case someone translated it to Spanish, and in Spanish the name of my blog becomes: Testimonio de la espada; El Archaeology es impuestos bien vividos! Though my Spanish is awful at best I could detect that there were some translation errors, for Example regarding the name Ebba During where her last name was translated to Ebba “durante“.Cool tool though, if you are interested in reading my blog in Spanish do it here.

On another note you can look forward to some pictures of Bronze Age rock carvings from an area just south of Enköping, Uppland, and a couple rune stones. While visiting a friend, who has a summer house there, this weekand we did a small photo safari amongst the ancient monument and remains in the area.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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