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A rune stone in Hjortsberga parish, Sm 5

On the front of the rune folder that I presented in a previous post is the rune stone Sm 5 (Småland number five according to the book Smålands runinskrifter) or Raa 35:1 in Hjortsberga parish, Alvesta municipality.

Rune stone Sm 5

The rune stones form does remind of the erect stones I presented in my last post, but there are differences if you look at the wide part in the bottom of the stone. Another difference is the obvious one, the runes.


The inscription is as follows:

kotr : sati : sten : þana : eftR : ketil : sun : sin : han : faR : mana : mesr o:niþikR : eR a : eklati : ali : tunþi

In English:

“Gautr placed this stone in memory of Ketill his son. He was the most unvillainous of men, who forfeited his life in England.”

The latest interpretation is made by runologist Helmer Gustavson 2005: “Göt satte denna sten efter Ketill, sin son. Han var av män mest rättrådig. Han slöt sitt liv i England.”

Rune stone Sm 5 E and S side  Rune stone Sm 5 N side

The pic on the left shows the south and the east side of the stone ande the pic to the right shows the north side.

Interesting is the reference to England, this is one of five in Småland, see also this post. Other interesting things are the stung m-rune and the appearances of the I- and k- runes.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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