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From Drev to here


Today I’ve been journeying throw the northern parts of Växjö municipality. My main goal has been to observe rock carvings and their immediate surroundings. In Småland most rock carvings are made up by cup marks . These carvings are normally dated to the Bronze Age but are probably also usual during the Iron Age and later. There are a few sites that have figurative or geometric carvings as well but these are quite uncommon in these parts, in total 27 out of 497 known rock carving sites in the County.

Cup marks Berg 52

Close up at Cup marks, Raa 52, Berg Parish.

Cup marks Drev 11

Close up at cup marks, Raa 11 Drev parish.

Drev 11

Raa 11 Drev Parish.

The cup marks are often found on big boulders or on flat rocks. Evan when you know where they are supposed to be it’s not always easy to find them. Evan though the boulders often are big the grass grows high, luckly I got a GPS with me.

In the northwest area of Drev in Drev parish there are a few other monuments that are well worth seeing. For example a tripod stone setting, the information sign is though in dire need of replacement and a beautiful stone bridge.

Drev 13

Raa 13 in Drev Parish, a tripod stone setting.

Info sign Drev 13

It is high time for this signpost to die!

Drev 15

There are several beautiful bridges to see in Småland this was probably built in the 18th or 19th century. Raa 15 Drev Parish.

In the small community Drev there is a beautiful medieval church. The church was built in ca 1170 AD. As you can see on the photos there are several blocked up doors and windows. Inside there are beautiful murals from the 17th century that were uncovered in 1914 and there is also a beautiful gallery from 1697, the wreaths are preserved as memorials from child burials in the 19th century. An interesting detail with the Romanesque roof construction is that one of the long beams is ornamented; this can only be seen on a photo, as the roof is not open to the public.

Drev ka

Drev Medieval church seen from NW

Drev ka 2

Drev Medieval church seen from SW.

Drev ka interiör2

Drev ka interiör

Drev ka kransar

Some miles southeast of Drev is one of Kronobergs most beautiful grave field called Gullhögarna, Raa 401in Dädesjö parish. The biggest mound measures 24 meters in diameter and four meters in height.

Gullhögarna 1

Gullhögarna 2

Wibbling excavated one mound in 1893. Among the finds was an urn filled with cremated bones. Today there are 16 mounds but according to Knut Kjellmark (1866-1944) there have been 28. Knut Kjellmark worked as an elementary school inspector in Småland, he had a PhD in archaeology and was also a geologist. During his visits to schools he encouraged students to collect flints and other artifacts that he later collected and published. His and the school children’s contribution is still a big source regarding the prehistory of Småland, foremost regarding the Stone Age.

This is my post on this edition of the blog carnival Four Stone hearth (XVIII) to see the others check out Clioaudio. Observe that the launch of the XVIII ed. is onWendsday the 4th of July.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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