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Four Stone Hearth XVII

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 Magnus Reuterdahl

Carl von Linné is 300 years old and here are his roots

As I wrote in my previous post I went along for a day following in the footsteps of Carl von Linné. Carl von Linné was born in the farmstead of Råshult in Kronoberg County in 1707 therefore there is a celebration this year on his 300th birthday (year).

Cral von Linné

Carl von Linné 1707-1778

Carl von Linné then Carl Linnæus was born on Råshult, after ca 18 months he and his family moved to a nearby farm called Stenbrohult only 18 months after his birth as Carls father became a minister there. Neither of the estates have any buildings from Carls time still standing.

Stenbrohult church

Stenbrohult church.

Our trip started at Stenbrohult where we visited the church, built in 1828-1830. By then the medieval church in which Carl von Linneus father and then brother had been minister in had been torn down and this new one had been built. Today only a few objects are saved from the old church: A medieval crucifix hangs on the north wall, on the wall in the porch there are paintings that was originally placed upon a gallery in the old church, theses paintings are from ca 1710 and were painted by Hans Brachwagen.

Painted gallery

The pieces of the painted gallery from 1710.

Outside of the church, just to the north, an open trench shows parts of the old wall.

Stenbrohult medieval church medieval crucifix

The medieval church and crucifix.

On the south side of the church, within the cemetery, where the old minister estate where Carl was brought up. The buildings were standing until ca 1880. Today there isn’t much to be seen but an old cellar. Earlier this year Smålands Museum excavated parts of this the area. From the excavation a trench is still open within which a part of the foundation for a building is visible.

Cellar at Stenbrohult

The entrence to the cellar.


After this we went to Råshult where Carl was born. Evan though there are no structures from the days that Carl lived here there is a house from ca 1750 that has been restored to show how a ministers living quarters could have looked like in the 18th century. This building is very nicely restored and the furniture and living spaces are interesting to watch, when with a guide you are also allowed to touch and feel the artifacts in the house. Outside the house are several gardens that show how both gardening techniques and what kind of plants that were used at the time. Besides the buildings and herb plantations there are several paths one can walk and study the landscape of the 18th centaury through grazing meadows and inland acres. It is all very beautiful but its also reconstructions of the past. Therefore this should be seen as a form of museum or just a nice holiday scenic spot. On the blog Frog in a well there is a post on reconstructions, rebuilding and authenticity in China that is a bit interesting in comparison with this.



Råshult1 Råshult2 Råshult3 1

Pictures of the interior design of Råshult.



A meadow at Råshult.

A important plant in the 18th century in Småland was Hops (Humulus lupulus) that was used for beer among other things, here are a few plants that shows how they where grown.


A pic of Hops.

Magnus Reuterdahl

In the footstep of Carl von Linné

Today I am going on a tour, with my employee and the staff of department I work in at Kronobergs County board, to Carl von Linné’s Råshult, the farmstead where he was born and lived for the first years. Nothing of the original structures exists today. Around the now standing structures there is an ongoing project to show how the landscape and a farm might have looked like in Linnés days, in other words a kind of museum.

Cral von Linné

Carl von Linné was born in 1707 and died in 1778. He is one of the most famous scientists from Sweden both in his time and today, more info about Linné can be found here

This is my first visit so I’ll give a few comments later today and put up some pics.In the mean time you can visit the homepage of Råshult here.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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