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Back at the office!

Monday morning and my vacation is over for this time. The first part of the project is done; I have visited all the sites and monuments that we worked on last year. In general the result is fine, on some sites new damages have come up due to the storm Per in 2007 and due to reforesting. Within this project I will also visit and try to describe how the immediate surroundings around rock carvings have been affected, how cultural and ancient monuments close to small roads in storm afflicted areas has been affected and I will also visit some areas with fossilized acres to describe how the reforesting has affected the relics within these areas.

Söraby 26:1

A monumental cairn in the north part the Borlanda grave field, in Söraby parish, raa 26. 

Finally we have some money for at least one grave field where we would like to make an effort at restoring it so it once again can be accessible for the public.

Söraby 26 2

The midsection of Borlanda grave field. In the background the cairn, by the trees one can catch a glimpse of two ship-formed stone settings.

Söraby 26 3

Photo from the midsection of the grave field towards south.

More to come…

Magnus Reuterdahl  

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