Ancient monuments and sights in Hamneda

Within and in the vicinity of Hamneda are many sites and monuments that are worth seeing. Most of these are grave fields but here are also rune stones, as I presented in an earlier post, the ruin of a medieval church and a royal farmstead (with the meaning that the farm belonged to the crown not that the King lived here).

 Hamneda 41

Raa 41 in Hamneda parish. Photo Magnus Reuterdahl.

The grave fields Raa 41 and 43, also known as Elinge grave field, are separated by a road. On the north side on a small hill is Raa 41, it contains 27 graves; 24 mounds and three round stone settings. On the south side on yet a higher hill and down its hillside is Raa 43; it contains 62 mounds, whereof eight has a small groove around them, in Swedish fotränna, the size of the groove is consistent with a pair of feet, and five round stone settings. The grave field are dated to the Iron Age most probably the late Iron Age. On Raa 41 two rune stones (Sm 32 and 33) found in Hamneda medieval church are erected.

Hamneda 43

Raa 43 in Hamneda parish. Photo Magnus Reuterdahl.

Raa 47 lies a bit north of Hamneda and is also divide by a road, this grave field is a bit larger than 41 and 43 and is placed upon a ridge. The grave field contains 177 monuments; 155 mounds, 12 round stone settings and three erect stones. The grave field is dated to the late Iron Age.

Hamneda 47

Raa 47 in Hamneda parish. Photo Magnus Reuterdahl.

The ruin of Hamneda medieval church from the 12th century, it was demolished in 1897 with the help of dynamite. Within the walls were two rune stones that nowadays are erected on Raa 41, the baptismal font from the old church was also moved but to the new church.


A picture of the old church in Hamneda, Raa 44, in the late 19th century.

Hamneda 44

The ruins of old church in Hamneda, Raa 44. Photo Magnus Reuterdahl.

The last place I thought I would show you is the ruins of the royal farmstead of Hamneda, raa 75. There are ruins after four houses and a cellar and a well. According to the map of 1702 this farm belonged to the crown, the oldest records regarding the farm is from 1394.

Hamneda 75

Raa 75 in Hamneda parish. Photo Magnus Reuterdahl.

// Magnus Reuterdahl


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4 responses to “Ancient monuments and sights in Hamneda

  • Derk Akerson ( Akesson )

    This is great ! I recently got a photo of this church and some of the few surrounding buildings from a second cousin. The photo has been with the family since it was taken. My Great Grand-mother was confirmed in this church ! Your site is very interesting ! Thank you – Derk Akerson

  • Steve Runfeldt


    My last name is Runfeldt, which, I am told, means field of rune stones. I am designing a website for the family, both in America and Sweden and am looking for a good photo that would show rune stones in a field. Please take look at the website under construction. I need a photo approximately 760 X 290.

    Do you have anything I can use?


    Steve Runfeldt
    Tampa, Florida, USA.

    • Magnus Reuterdahl

      Most rune stones are standing alone though there are a few exceptions – I’ll see what I can find for you, I think that I might have a nice picture in my other computer so bear with me a few days. Btw love the gnomes.

      As a translation word by word run field works, though I would go a step further as rune fields as such doesn’t exit, though there are places where several rune stones are placed near or side by side – Run- is the Swedish word for Rune (singular – one rune) whilst feldt might be an old spelling of (fält) field, as in battle field or a meadow or as field on a shield or such which I would think is more possible. It might also be someone who thought it sounded cool with an association of a field of runes – I know I do.

      Best wishes

      Magnus Reuterdahl

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