Sunday morning!

Soon time to go back to Växjö, a ca 4,5 hour drive, after a nice weekend in Stockholm. During this week I will visit the northern parts of Växjö, Lessebo and Uppvidinge municipalities.Last week I visited Hamneda parish and the area around the population centre of Hamneda. In this area there are a lot of beautiful monuments and sites, among them the ruins of Hamneda medieval church, two rune stones (Sm 32 and 33), three prehistoric grave field and lots more. Tomorrow I will publish some photos of these

Another beautiful spot I visited last week was Piksborg, the ruins of a medieval stronghold/castle, that I also will right a post about.

Unfortunately I also discovered a few sites that have been damaged by the storm Per and through forestry.


This is a photo from 2005 when I came upon a sad site, a cairn used as a dumpsite!//Magnus Reuterdahl


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