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As I promised in the teaser: rune stones from Ljungby municipality.Just south of Lagan in Berga parish is a rune stone (Sm 30) erected by the side of a road. The inscription on the stone translated into English is: … …-ulfr , his son, of men … (.. …ulf, son sinn, manna …)

Sm 30

On a grave field in Hamneda are two rune stones (Sm 32 and 33) erected in two mounds, earlier they had been placed in Hamneda medieval church. The church was demolished in the 1890’s the rune stones was moved here. The inscription on Sm 32 translated into English is:… these monuments in memory of Sveinn, his father. (.. [kum]l þessi eptir Svei[n], fôður sinn.)

Sm 32

And on the second one (Sm 33) the inscription translated into English is: … … these stones in memory of Þormarr, his brother. He … was of men … (.. … steina þessa eptir Þormar, bróður sinn. H[ann] … [va]r ma[nna] …).

Sm 33

On a small grave field (131:1) in Södra Ljunga parish a rune stone (Sm 44) is erected. The inscription on the stone translated into English is: Vémundr placed this stone … his brother Sveinn, gentle with his followers and free with food, greatly praised. (Vémundr setti stein þenna …bróður sinn [Sve]in, mil[dan við] sinna [ok] matar góðan, í orðlofi allra m[ikl]u.).

Sm 44    Sm 44 från sidan

At last the oddity I promised in my teaser from yesterday. On the very beautiful grave field called Kånna högar (the mounds of Kånna) a 19th century rune inscription (Sm ATA4529/36) was detected a few years ago. The inscription when is transliterated is: amstihl fôþ 1799 blef siuit 1822. I believe the inscription should be interpreted something like this; the first word is probably a name Amstil (?, possible a misspell )  followed by the information that he/she was born in 1799 and became sick/dead in 1822.

Sm ATA4529/36 Runsten Kånna högar

Kånna högar

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