Väjxö III time around.

Today my third season in Växjö begins. As with all first days there is a lot of “administrative” work to be done such as signing papers, getting keys, renting a car and so fourth.

Hopefully I will get a car till next week so that I can go out visiting the sites that we worked on last year.

As I wrote in a previous post, most of the work we did last year was rebuilding damaged sites, there some that we didn’t have money for and a few that we saw needed more work than we first had foreseen. Therefore one of my first priorities is to visit two sites to estimate wheatear we should do more or not. Thereafter I shall visit all the sites that we had work done on (ca 140), to try to describe the effect, good or bad etc. It is from these visits that I will try to show Kronoberg County from a cultural heritage point view. Within this project I will also do some small surveys, more about that later.

ArcView ortofoto

On the photo you can see a snapshot from one of the methods we have been and will be using to find and identify where the storm Gudrun might have caused damages; ArcView. The program works with different themes, in this case a map in the bottom, over layered by two GIS data themes; the geographic information concerning ancient monuments and an ortophoto (pictures taken from a plane the day after the storm). With these we can predict where it is likely that sites or monuments have been damaged.

In the coming days I will update a few of the post with pictures.

Now back to work.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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