A complete waste of time….

As I feel a bit tired and because it Saturday and I don’t have it in me to write about archaeology, I’ll write something that falls under the category Other stuff. 

This morning I happened to check out the movie 300. Sorry to say it was a complete waste of time. Normally I like this kind of films that re-enacts historical events. Either they are more or less historical correct or it is a great story with great effects. I will give this film that the effects are OK, the problem is that neither the story or “history” is any good or intresting.

It starts out with a long ca 30 minute long prologue followed by one hour of mechanical fighting, where the King supposedly cries out hard one liners like “Let’s fight to the death” or “We were born for this” etc, a short five minute pause with a little drama followed by the end fight with comments like: “it is here we fight for freedom“, “it is here we make our stand” etc. Sorry to say but this film was a bore and total waste of a one and half good hour. 

Have a good weekend 
Magnus Reuterdahl


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